Supported vs Unsupported

As CRMLady mentions in her article, To the SQL Guru Audience – Can I write directly to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SQL Database? , If I only had a dollar for every time.. Tonight this question was brought up by someone at my local SQL Server user group and I’m sure it is in my top 10 CRM questions I get right along with “will it work on my iPad”. Luckily this time I could point them to CRMLady’s article which is the simplest and clearest outline I’ve seen of what is supported and unsupported on the CRM SQL Server.

There is also another great article from several months ago by Gustaf on describing Unsupported Customizations. In addition to helping define what are unsupported customizations, he gives suggestions on what to do when you have to go down the road of making unsupported customizations to your CRM system.



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