CRM Tool of the Week – CRM Option Set Utility and Community Library

Last month the Solution Extender from TanGuy was featured. It looks like TanGuy has been busy making CRM tools and has released another great tool. This time he has released a tool for creating Option Sets in CRM 2011.

Improvements in CRM 2011

One of the most time consuming CRM configuration tasks in CRM 4.0 was to setup a Picklist. The process was slow and if you had a picklist you used through out your CRM, you would have to keep creating the same list over and over again.

With CRM 2011 the process for creating picklists was streamlined. They made it much quicker to add an item to a picklist and you can now create option sets that can be used globably for multiple picklists.

While the time it takes to setup a large picklist in CRM was greatly reduced in CRM 2011 over the pain staking process in CRM 4.0, it still can take a long time. The CRM Option Set Utility lets you easily and quickly create option sets.

CRM Option Set Utility

The CRM Option Set Utility is an easy to use utility that will let you create or edit an existing picklist more effeciently. This tool lets you load an optionset from directly from a csv file.

Download the CRM Option Set Utility

You can download the CRM Option Set Utility from

The Community Library

My favorite thing about this tool is that it also has a Community Library for shared option sets. You can share option sets you have created or you can download optionsets others have made available through the Community Library site.

The CRM MVP’s have already started to contribute some great optionsets and hopefully there will be more added by the community. Some of the Option Sets that are already available are:

  • US State Option Sets from Donna Edwards
  • University and Colleges from Jerry Weinstock
  • ISO Countries from Neil Benson

There is even a list from Jerry Weinstock of the Contries Competing in the 2012 Olympics.

To view and download Option Sets you can visit the Comminity Library. If you would like to contribute an option set of your own there is a form at the top of the page for submitting an option set to the library.


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