CRM Tool of the Week – Ribbon Workbench for Dynamics CRM 2011

If you have ever added a Custom Button to the CRM Ribbon by hand you probably wished that there was some tool that let you create the buttons through a UI. I have seen a couple Ribbon Editors, but the CRM Workbench from Develop1 is my favorite.

The CRM Ribbon Workbench takes all of the hassle out of editing the Ribbon.


You can drag and drop buttons right where you want them on the tool bar.


Setting up Actions, Enable Rules and Display Rules are all a breeze with this tool. All of the available options are displayed to you. Just select the rule and then enter your values.

Setting up a Javascript Action for a Button


Setting up a Display Rule for a Button.

Unlike other tools the CRM workbench will automatically export, re-import and publish your solutions for you after making the modifications to the ISV.config. Editing the Ribbon can’t get much easier.


Download the CRM Ribbon WorkBench

You can download this free solution at:



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  3. Alex says:

    Hello. I have the following scenario: I have created a few ribbons for several entities in our dev server. So, can I now export this ribbons customisations to another server (live)?

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