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CRM Tool of the Week – Custom Code Validation Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Are you ready for R8?

With the Q2 Spring service update known as R8, CRM will no longer be restricted to just Internet Explorer. This means that your custom form scripts could now be run in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. To help identify cross-browser issues in your form scripts Microsoft has released a new tool called the Custom Code Validation Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

What does the Custom Code Validation Tool do?

 The Custom Code Validation Tool opens up all of your JScript web resources and highlights all unsupported form scripts. It will highlight all scripts parts that do not have cross-browser support in blue. Any unsupported scripts that are known not to work in IE as well are highlighted in Red.

Fixing Unsupported Scripts

Check out the blog at for information on fixing some of the more common unsupported scripts.


You can download the Custom Code Validation Tool  from

Using the Custom Code Validation Tool

Just Download and Install the solution from the link above. Then just open the solution up and you will be able to navigate through all of your web resources in the upper left-hand frame. 

Note: you may need to open the tool from a computer inside your network for the tool to work properly.

CRM Tool of the Week – Solution Extender for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Components Missing from Solutions

Have you ever tried to move a component from one organization to another through a solution only to find that that it is not contained in the solution. It can be frustrating and no one likes to manually recreate things. Well the Solution Extender is here to the rescue. This tool lets you easily move some of those missing components.

With the Solution Explorer you can move:

  • Duplicate detection rules
  • Saved views (userquery)
  • Saved views (userquery) that will be converted to system view when importing


You can download the Solution Extender project from Code Plex.

CRM Tool of the Week – POA Table Secret Decoder Ring

There are a couple tables in CRM that can be a real beast to work with. One of these tables is the PrincipalObjectAccess table, also know as the POA table. The POA table can be a pain to work with for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s Big
  2. It’s used by almost every query
  3. The Rights Mask values are hard to understand

There’s not much that can be done about the first two. But, thanks to CRM MVP Scott Sewell you can now easily encode and decode the Rights Mask values using his secret decoder ring.

What’s the problem with the Rights Access Mask?

The way CRM encodes the POA is no big secret. Each of the secrity permission like, read and write, has a value assocaited with it and they are all added together to calculate the rights mask value. At first it may seem like this would be a simple thing to enturpet, after all there are only a hand full of 9. But if you remember coin flipping excercises in math class this quickly adds up to 512 different possible values for the Rights Mask.

What does the Secret Decoder Ring do?

The POA Table Secret Decoder Ring is a simple to use Excel spreadsheet that Enodes and Decodes a Rights Mask Value letting. You can either set the security values in the left-hand column to get the Encoded Rights Mask value for that group of permissions or you can enter the Rights Mask value in the top of the right-hand column to see what set of permissions are for that value.



You can Download the POA Table Secret Decoder Ring from


More Information

For more information check Scott Sewell’s article on Customer Effective Blog